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If it’s not hard, it’s not fun!

Mobile games are too easy these days. More often than not, they are cleared by random luck rather than skill-based. So let’s change that together! Challenge yourself or your friends to become the best skilled and patient player there is.

Are you a quitter? 

Frustration may arise at any point in a game. You should try to control it, keep your cool, and see how long you are able to endure.

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— We are indie

As indie game developers, we just do this for the players and not because we think that we will become a giant game company.

— We love Arcade

Arcade games is the backbone of the games we know them today and playing them in that way today is something we should all try and learn from., they make you think and the train you, that way we love them, to be good in a arcade game is a real achievement.

— We want to reinvent

To reinvent something is really hard today, everything is made already but still we can try to make something a different way and new.

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